Mario Arvelo in the Programme Committee

The Council of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) elected Mario Arvelo as a member of the Programme Committee. The committee is mandated to examine the impact evaluation reports of the technical cooperation projects that FAO deploys throughout the world, and to contribute to the definition of the strategic framework of the specialized agency; the committee elected him Vice-Chair. Following the resignation of the then president (British ambassador Matthew Wyatt), Arvelo assumed the committee’s presidency. During the 96th session, and in compliance with the gentlemen’s agreement according to which the Chair of the Finance Committee is reserved to a delegate from a developing country and the Chair of the Programme Committee to one from a developed country, Arvelo voluntarily resigned the position to allow UK Alternate Representative Victor Heard to take over, before returning to the Vice-Chair.

During his membership in the committee and especially in the exercise of leadership positions in it, Arvelo stood out for his close monitoring, careful study, and contributions to the debate of the technical reports of the Office of Evaluation, as well as for his campaign in favor of amending the committee’s statutes to allow entry of observers to its sessions, which were then held behind closed doors. Due to his constant defense of inclusivity, transparency, and the democratic legitimacy of the institutions of the United Nations family in general and of FAO in particular, Arvelo’s experience in the Programme Committee motivated his colleagues to call on him to coordinate the negotiations of the independent external evaluation process of FAO for the 134 developing countries grouped in the G77.

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